Bullet Journal

Moving to My New Bullet Journal

So… it’s September now, which means this blog is already six months old! This September is an important month to me. Apart from celebrating six-month of this blog existing, I have also finished my last bullet journal and hence switching to a new one!

Therefore, today I am going to talk about how I move to my new bullet journal and how I set it up!

Let’s get into it!

Before I actually move to my new bullet journal, I want to do a review and understand more about my current (or should I say OLD?) bullet journal, so I wrote down a “My Next Bujo” to get a better view. I also want to know what kind of content I would keep, add, and change. I also asked myself the below questions:

  1. What is working?
  2. What is not working?

After that, I turned to my content page and mark the spread that I would like to transfer to my new bullet journal (indicated with a light blue dot).

Then, it is officially the time for setting up my new bullet journal!

My new bullet journal is a Leuchtturm1917 A5 dot grid notebook in Azure color (which is actually the same as my previous one).

My very first page is my 2017 at a glance calendar. Since I envision that this bullet journal should last only till December 2017, I would rather do a 2017 calendar instead of 2018.

The next spread is my future log (aka Calendex/Alastair hybrid). I decide to ditch the 8-month calendex and change to the new format as I seldom plan for more than 4 months.

Up next is “My Ideal Day” and my Level 10 Life. Basically, my ideal day is how I want my day to be like. For Level 10 Day, I rate myself in different aspects and write down one little thing that I would do to improve my life.

If you want to know more about Level 10 Life, head over to Kara’s blog post by pressing here!

Turning the page, you would find the 2017 Lunar Phases. I saw this spread from Kara (my inspiration!) and I want to try it for so long. I have been not sleeping well since I was a kid and poor sleeping quality is bothering me for such a long time (Trust me, it really bothers!!) So, I want to figure out if different moon phases really affect my sleeping quality and other aspect of my life (e.g. mood, productivity, etc).

Last but not least is “Getting Things Done”, I write it down in my very first bullet journal. However, I realized that I haven’t really flip back to it and study. When I am setting up for my new bullet journal, I said to myself “You MUST jot that down in your bullet journal again!”.

For those who do not know what Getting Things Done (or in short GTD) is, it’s a productivity tool created by David Allen. The spread that you just saw is directly copied from Kara’s blog post.

That’s it for this blog post, I hope you like it! I will be sharing with you my September set up next week… so stay tuned!

If you have any questions or comments, fill free to put it in the comment section down below! 🙂


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